Vanessa Kooby


Having worked in the stationery industry since 1987, I know what is trendy, what is timeless, and what is proper in the paper world. Let me share some of my knowledge with you.

Feel free to email me questions or suggestions for topics.

Large Invitations

This has been the year of the large invitation. Clients want BIG! A couple who comes in looking for something unique and bold, often finds that an oversized invitation does the trick.


We did an iridescent green and black invitation that measures 8” by 10”, and used a font that resembled that of the dollar for a boy who is a coin and rare bill collector.


Gold and big is also in! A Brazilian bride informed us that bigger was also better in her native country, and after an exhaustive search acquiesced to a crane royalty size invitation in two languages.


It is time to make a statement, and paper is the right vehicle. Don’t be shy, say it BIG and get ready to party!

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The All “New” Blacker and Kooby!

Blacker and Kooby is back and going strong. We have been reincarnated as Blacker and Kooby by Vanessa, and once again we are full retail with the merchandise you have been missing.


Our shelves are well stocked with art supplies, school and home office supplies, leather goods and bags, readers, greeting cards, boxed stationery, elegant clocks, watches, fine pens, and colorful markers. If you are looking for a hostess or baby gift, you don’t have to go to midtown. Avoid traffic, avoid the UN bottleneck, shop local!


…and we have an excellent personalized printing department!

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We All Live In A Colorway!

When I help someone ordering stationery or invitations, I always take note of how they are dressed. Ninety per cent of the time a customer will choose an ink color or paper color that coordinates with their attire.

A woman ordering purple stationery will be wearing a lavender sweater. A man ordering business cards with grey ink will be wearing a grey suit. A teenager with a pink cellphone case will ask for fuchsia note cards. It almost never fails.













I have come to the conclusion that we all live in a certain colorway. We decorate, write and dress in colors that make us feel happy or at least comfortable. Maybe this is a good thing, a vestige of the time when we held a favorite stuffed animal or had a lucky sweater.


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