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What are Modern Wedding Invitations?

  When brides and grooms come for consultations, and see a sea of ecru cards with black ink, and simple panels, sometimes they say, “Do you have anything more modern?” The answer is YES! Modern wedding invitations can be square and have foil stamping!   They can have watercolor designs and colored ink or even […]

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Making Your Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations Your Own

A twelve year old female customer recently asked me “Vanessa, how do I make this invitation my own?” I looked at her and her parents, and thought “what a great question”. When a child becomes a bat or bar mitzvah, it is really like their debut into society. All their family and friends will be present […]

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Justified layouts on invitations

A recent trend in invitation printing is the use of justified copy. Text on each line is set both flush left and flush right, so that the resulting block of copy is as much of a design as an invitation. It can be very tricky to set copy this way since the natural length of […]

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