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How far in advance should I order my invitations?

  • Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations order 3-4 months before the event.
  • Invitations to invited guests should be mailed 8 weeks before the event.
  • Heavier, more unusually shaped invitations should be mailed even earlier since they are considered parcel post, and take longer in the mail.

How many extra invitations should I order?

At least 10 extra invitations including a few more for unexpected invitations that may "get lost in the mail" and for those times you may be invited to a party not foreseen, and need to reciprocate.

Should I order extra envelopes?

Yes, you want to be able to use every invitation you order. Whether your invitations are addressed by hand or printer, there will be some envelope loss. If any invitations come back by return mail, if a guest moves or if you need to "recycle" an invitation, you will need extra envelopes as well.

Do you address envelopes?

We address envelopes by hand and by ink jet printer.

If you are printing my envelopes, how should I send my guest list?

  • We take lists in both Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • We have specific templates for types of envelopes, so check with us first!

What is hand canceling?

All oversized or heavy invitations should be taken to the Post Office and hand canceled. Take your invitations to the post office early in the day, go to the special services window and ask for hand canceling. In New York City, there is a small fee for this service. Paying this fee means that your envelopes are not fed through a machine. Instead a live person cancels your stamps and hopefully does not put "tire track" marks down the side or ugly bar code stickers.

What do you think about electronic "Save the Dates"?

Although we understand that much social correspondence today is done via the internet, we are paper people. It is our opinion that digital missives can complement your actual paper invitation. We will work with you to make this happen.

How do you take payment?

We accept VISA, MasterCard or American Express, as well as cash.

What are your hours?

Monday through Saturday 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.
Appointments outside of regular hours if needed are available.

Do you create logos?

Yes, we can create logos, and we can use logos saved as high resolution jpgs and pdfs.

Do you do custom postage?

Of course we do! We love custom postage!

What are the most common mistakes people make when
ordering invitations?

  • Invitations are sent to couples and families. Do not assume if you are inviting 100 people, you need 100 invitations.
  • Make sure you have mentioned date, time, place, and attire. Also give your guests a way to respond. Leaving out any of these is a mistake.
  • Ordering too few is much worse than ordering 25 too many. Don't be penny wise
    and pound-foolish!
  • Proof read carefully.
  • Postage has become very tricky... size, weight, shape and rigidity all matter. The post office even gives wrong information sometimes.
  • Ask an expert! Ask us!

Is hand calligraphy still popular?

Yes. Hand calligraphy is beautiful, popular and we are experts in this area.

Can I see my invitation before I order all of them?

  • We always recommend getting an electronic proof. Most printers do not offer physical mockups... but some do.
  • Depending on the intricacy of your printing job, we will work with you to provide a sample. Be sure to leave time for this, if you are a "need to see it" person.

Do you stuff and seal envelopes?

Yes we do for an additional fee.


I am planning a party, how can you help me?

Here is a helpful checklist of items we can help you with:

  • Invitations
  • Place cards
  • Gifts for attendees
  • Party plates
  • Napkins

Do you have the same items you carried at your Madison Store?

Yes, we do carry most of the same items as we continue to expand the store. Please call us and we can special order some items for you.

Do you carry art supplies?

Yes, we do. Please click here for a complete list of our art supplies.

I thought you were just a stationery store?

We continue to specialize in stationery but have also expanded our store to carry merchandise that our loyal customers have come to expect such as pens, wallets, journals, etc. Please click on the gifts and entertaining sections for more details.